"This is one of my favorite movies ever. It touched my heart, my soul, and moved me to tears, laughter... and action."
Mariah Miller, Feedback Reviewer
"This is a magnificently subversive film. If you're 100% sure you've got all you want right now... don't watch it!"
Bill McKibben, Founder / Author
"I must say I loved that film last night with all their quirks and all their beautiful adventures. That and all that you are chronicling here is going to shine ever more significantly. These communities are going to shine ever more...islands of decency and sanity in larger society's struggle for scarcity.

What is being chronicled and learned here is going to play an even more important role than I imagine many of you realize."
Joanna Macey, Author, Environmental Activist
"I think the power of this story is that 'odd' behavior is often what 'normal' people dream of doing. The 'oddballs' are the brave few who actually do it."
Jonathan Eskenas, VP of Development, Dick Clark Productions
"Totally original! These two brave individuals take us-by bicycle-on a tour of alternative communities with an emphasis on sustainability. Candidly, they also reveal the trials, tribulations and joys in creating sustainable relationships. Thoroughly a delight to see!"
Nina Loeffel, Aldo Leopold's Granddaughter
"You know how people always ask 'But what can I do?' Here's the answer."
Liberty M. Willms, Participant in a Test Screening